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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Signal Decay. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]

Signal Decay is a co-op stealth game for up to three players. The basics is to always work with your teammate together and coordinate as a team.

Signal Decay is a roguelike in which you carry out an ops which consists of several stealth missions in order to destroy all the Broadcasters located around the world. In a major mission, your goal is to find and destroy the Broadcaster at the site.

The missions to carry out and the order is of the your choice. Between missions, you rest on Observer. You are free to choose a site as the destination to travel to for the next mission. You can also upgrade techs and acquire new weapons and gadgets on Observer.

Mission Gameplay[]

You need to learn to stay low profile away from light and do not trigger noise unintentionally. Running will

Touch doors to view inside a room for advantage before a possible fight.

It is very hard to kill a guard by only one player. One basic tactic is to have one player play as a decoy to get the guard attention, and the other player shoot him from behind.

A guard will turn on his radio upon hearing any gun sounds or seeing an agent.

Operation Gameplay[]

Between missions players rest on Observer, a mysterious mothership.

You need to choose a destination on the pilot console for the next after coming back to Observer.

Go to the back of the ship to research and make some new weapons and gadgets.

All the tasks are run in parallel. Be sure to manage them well to be productive.

Go to the rest chamber to accelerate when you are done setting up tasks.

When you arrived at the destination, go to the front of the ship (where you come back from) to launch the mission.


Common Controls[]

Action Keyboard Gamepad
Move W A S D Left Stick
Sneak Hold Left Shift Hold Left Trigger
Aim Hold Right Mouse Button Right Stick
Shoot Left Mouse Button Right Trigger
Reload Weapon R Square / X (XBOX)
Assassinate V Square / X (XBOX)
Interact / Pick E Cross / A (XBOX)
Drag F Circle / B (XBOX)
Switch Weapon 1 2 Right Shoulder
Switch Item Q Triangle / Y (XBOX)
Use Current Item Space / Middle Mouse Button Left Shoulder
Communication (Multiplayer) C Right Shoulder

Weapon Controls[]

Weapons may have different controls. See Weapons#List of Weapon Types for controls of each type.

Tips and tricks[]

  • Have one player play as a decoy to get the guard attention and the other player shoot him from behind. This is a universally useful.
  • A way to kill a guard silently is to have one player grab him from behind, and the other may choke him
  • Upon seeing an agent, a guard spends 2 seconds to turn on his radio. It is still possible to kill him without raising the alert level.
  • Managing to use Taser to stun multiple guards when you are chased is a way to lose them at a high alert level.